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Yacht Charter Italy

The perfect dream vacation starts with a luxury yacht charter in Italy. The picturesque shores and beautiful bays of this enchanting Southern European country offer a myriad of sailing opportunities for sailors, cruising in exclusive locations or in a less inhabited areas. Whether the client desires a more touristic island or a coastal area off the beaten path, our Italian luxury yachts will transport you to a location of exquisite beauty and inimitable style.

Your exclusive charter is at your disposal to let you explore the landscapes, rich with history, culture, art and amazing scenery. There is no other coastline in the world like it. It offers its visitors a combination of charm, fine living and fabulous cuisine. The only difficulty for you, the visitor, will be choosing which Italian coastline to see. So, take your time and offer yourself a great, long vacation with one of our top-notch services! With Verdeblu, you will find the best there is to offer. This is where our work begins. From you, the client, we need to have three simple parameters: how much time you have to spend on your vacation, which kind of boat you prefer, and the vacation style you have in mind. From there we will take care of the rest, down to the very last detail. Whatever your requirements may be, we will be able to suggest the perfect solution in the area you desire! Below you can explore some of Italy's most famous cruising grounds. Booking your sea holiday in Italy won't be the hard part. The hard part will be leaving our country!

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Christmas and New Year's Eve in Naples and Capri
New Year's Eve on board of 26mt Explorer IINDIAN
4 cabins, 8 guests, 4 crew

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