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Noleggio Yachts Caraibi
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Noleggio Yachts Caraibi
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Yacht Charter  lusso Antigua
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Yacht Charter lusso Isole Vergini
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Yacht Charter Lusso by night
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Yacht Charter lusso Santa Lucia, Caraibi
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Yacht Charter Lusso Caraibi
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Noleggio Yacht Lusso Saint Barth
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The intoxicating scent of spices, fleshy and lush flowers, colorful tropical fruit, the rhythms of calypso, salsa or reggae, the colors of the sea, the sky and the most starry nights ever seen in the world. For everyone a feeling of uniqueness and unrepeatability.


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Eco Catamarano Silent 64 for charter

2023-03-13 Green Yachts Charters

The yachting industry is increasingly focusing on reducing its impact on the marine environment and Verdeblu Yacht Charter, the luxury yacht charter company in Italy, founded by Marzia Nostini, always interested in environmental sustainability aspects (as its name implies), is introducing to this end new "eco-friendly" units into its charter fleet with the aspiration to reduce in the near future the CO2 impact on marine environment produced by the yachts.

If you think like us, have the same values ​​and want to contribute even a small part, call or write us to book your next "eco friendly yacht charter"!

Get on board !
Are you the owner of an Environmentally focused Crewed Yacht ? If you want to include your yacht in our eco friendly yacht charter fleet on the Myba/Yachtfolio platform and get involved in the green charter world, contact us at info@verdeblu.com

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