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Sostenibilità & Green Yachts
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Sostenibilità & Green Yachts
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Sostenibilità e green marine environment
2023-10-31 Sustainability and green yachts for marine environment

n the world of Superyachts, Luxury and Sustainability are finally converging thanks to the emergence of Green Yachts.
These eco-sustainable luxury vessels are revolutionizing the maritime industry, offering sea lovers a way to enjoy their exclusive lifestyle without compromising the environment.
Verdeblu, which has always been committed to the "green & blue" world, is committed to exploring the characteristics and innovations of "green yachts", highlighting how in the near future they will contribute to preserving marine ecosystems and reducing environmental impact.

Get on board
If you are the owner of a luxury eco-sustainable yacht and would like to include it in our "Eco friendly charter fleet" on the Myba/Yachtfolio platform and participate in the evolution of an increasingly green world, you can call us at +39 335 7869992 or send us an email email to: info@verdeblu.com

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