Martinique a destination suitable for winter and holidays. The island is part of the archipelago of the Lesser Antilles and a few miles from the Grenadines.
Belonging to France, its culture is characterized by a particular mixture of French and West Indian influences.

It is a very convenient destination because it turns out to be a small France in the Caribbean. It is part of the European Union and the Euro is used, just the identity card is enough to enter the country.
Martinique is well connected with daily flights from Paris of about 8 hours and is one of the few Caribbean islands to boast a high health standard . For all these reasons it is also a recommended destination for families with children who want to relax in the warm Caribbean climate.
Martinique is an island of volcanic origin and. like other islands in the Caribbean region, it offers turquoise sea and white beaches, a mild and breezy climate, lush tropical nature, peaceful rhythms of life.
Martinique is perfect for yachting especially Sailing Yacht Charters.

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Catamarano of 2011

Antigua e Barbuda, Bahamas, Caraibi

L. mt 17.07
Cabins 4 - Baths 4 - Beds 8

Low Season su richiesta
High Season au richiesta

Catamarano of 2018

Antigua e Barbuda, Bahamas, Caraibi

L. mt 17.8
Cabins 3 - Baths 3 - Beds 6

Low Season 24000
High Season 28000
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