Polynesia is one of the regions into which Oceania is traditionally divided and is roughly included in a triangle between New Zealand, Easter Island and the Hawaiian Islands.
According to another definition, it is part of distant Oceania.

Welcome to the tropical paradise of the Pacific: verdant islands that stand out against lagoons of incredible shades and transparencies, lapping white beaches surrounded by palm trees.

With your luxury yacht charter you will sail between the Society Islands, in French Polynesia to discover a wonderful world, where the myth of the South Seas was born, where a smiling and hospitable people live, ready to welcome you with open arms.
The archipelago of the Society Islands is the most important from an economic and demographic point of view of French Polynesia, it is divided into Windward Islands (Îles du Vent) and Leeward Islands (Îles Sous-le-Vent).
The most famous where to sailing and anchoring in the blu lagoons are sweet and quiet likeTahiti, Bora Boora, Moorea, Raiatea, Huaine, Taha and further away Maupiti.
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Motor yacht of 1994/refit 2016

Pacifico Orientale, Polinesia

L. mt 32
Cabins 3 - Baths 3 - Beds 7

Low Season 50.000 US$
High Season 50.000 US$

Motor yacht of 1971/refit 2017

Pacifico Orientale, Polinesia

L. mt 32.87
Cabins 5 - Baths 5 - Beds 10

Low Season $90.000
High Season $ 100.00

Motor yacht of 2022

Australia, Pacifico Orientale, Polinesia

L. mt 44.5
Cabins 5 - Baths 5 - Beds

Low Season 300.000 AU$
High Season 320.000 AU$

Sailing yacht of 2008

Bahamas, Caraibi, Centro America

L. mt 51
Cabins 5 - Baths 5 - Beds 10

Low Season 210.000
High Season 245.000
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