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Luxury Yacht Charter with crew in Italy

Areyou optimistic like us ?
We finally have the certainty of improvement and the return to normalilty is now a reality
Italy is open now to all EU countries and we are able to practice again the Luxury Yacht Charter in Italy.
The Yachts have finished the sanitation phase, the owners equipped them with all the health measures envisaged by the WHO and are instructing the crews and staff involved in preparing their vessels for the reception of our customers in total safety.
It is now clear how the safest holiday of Summer 2020 will be that on board of a luxury yacht!
If desired, the easy distances from the rest of the world, the great autonomy of the yachts for hire, the possibility of avoiding getting off the ground and taking advantage of the wonders of the coasts and the sea that runs along our peninsula and islands, will allow us to exploit fully of the benefits of the sun and the sea.

Write or call Verdeblu to find your favorite yacht that will be offered with Contracts that will take into account your needs and (if the holiday can be blocked due to problems due to Covid-19) you can enjoy cancellation or use the rescheduling clauses and postpone it for a period of at least 12 months from the set date. This also means moving it to 2021 !
Payment terms
The owners are also ready to mitigate the payment terms and accept a lower deposit than usual, leaving the balance at 20/30 days from the start of the charter.
For more information and details contact us now at: info@verdeblu.com
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Yachts in Central Agency

Commercial Registration

Most of the yachts that are dedicated to chartering are now registered in commercial registers and for good reason. The Charter legislation is quite complicated and so is its interpretation and updates. Having a commercial registration means that your yacht can "work" in a professional manner and give guarantees to both your shipowner and the customers who rent it. Furthermore, the commercial registration will give its owner a series of tax advantages of no small importance.

To obtain Commercial Registration the yacht will have to meet high basic safety requirements that are a bit onerous but apart from the obvious financial benefits (economic return with the revenues deriving from the charters and the possibility of enjoying VAT free fuel), a crew occupied in the periods where the yacht is not used by the shipowner will make him a happy crew (the people of the sea love to go by sea and not mold in the ports) and the yacht in turn will also be constantly maintained (and not moldy!).
Advantages therefore, entrusting your yacht to a broker who will take over the management of the charter will guarantee: • an economic return;
• a correct commercial management of the yacht;
• a good relationship with the crew;
• a constant maintenance of the yacht.

All this will also be an advantage in terms of time and will increase the pleasure of using one's "boat". Finalizing Rentals going even deeper into the subject we will also notice that the practices for finalizing a rental are rather long and complex and they are professional work that dedicates all of its time to itself, that knows perfectly the contracts, the market trends, what customers want, which can follow the compilation of the list of preferences, provide data, documents, organize additional services such as reservations for cars, helicopters, hotels, restaurants, keep contact in an impartial manner between Crew and Client while perfectly knowing the rights and obligations of each party. This is difficult if all this has to be carried out by the Shipowner, who is generally employed in other sectors of activity.
Moreover other fundamental points in favor of the choice to entrust your own yacht in management are:

The increasingly international clientele that often prefers to speak and request services from a local broker who will look for the yachts offered by other Brokers of his confidence in the requested area;
• The costs of promoting a yacht and the possibility of making it known throughout the world that would require huge costs for a single yacht while a Broker, already has the organization and know-how to carry out a campaign in favor of a new boat entrusted to management.

Verdeblu is the ideal partner since, in addition to the experience gained in many years of activity, the name and fame gained in the market, thanks to the MYBA association to which she is a proud associate retailer, will be able to promote the yacht through the many other MYBA member Brokers and more than hundreds other brokers that belong to the same circuit with 24/24 hr access to the largest yacht charter search portal in the world in which about 1500 yachts are currently included with booking constantly updated and with enormous potential on the market. All this, in addition to the preferential channels of the web, of social networks, of international shows, of the other Brokers with whom we are in contact in Italy and in the World and to end up through its loyal customers over the years.

The steps to complete the process of awarding the yacht in Exclusive Management are as follows: After an interview to evaluate the yacht and its potential, the Broker and the Owner will establish a fiduciary relationship by signing the terms of the Central Agency Agreement ( Exclusive Management ).
This will define the Rental Fee for the High and Low Season, the periods dedicated to the Owner, the terms of the payments and the Broker’s fees.


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